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Who are we? What do we do?
  • We are catalysts who interface with the Root of learning and enhancing capability of entry level professionals
  • We align available talent with industry requirements
  • We create programs and groom students to be industry ready professionals
  • Students are better align with industry jobs and more informed career decisions
  • Our Experts are experienced professionals in the Education and Human Resource
Anix Systems – Career Accelerator
  • Bridge Industry and Institution Needs
  • Create Industry Ready Professionals
  • Transform Recruitment
  • Simplify Education
  • Domain Knowledge
  • Accelerate Careers
  • Developing Students for Enhanced Employability and Successful Careers in the Industry
Employability Analysis :-
Industry Prospective
  • Indian Industry is running through a Skill Deficit Scenario
  • Qualified employable students are very less in number
  • This adverse proposition is growing in multiple folds
Student Concern
  • Most of the qualified Fresh Graduates are either
  • Under Employed or Un Employed
Employability Gap Analysis

The Gap creates a UNIQUE proposition for Good Quality Learning Institutions to create alternate channel of learning with qualified trainers and industry experts for the students belonging from B & C Grade Institutions.

This UNIQUE proposition is the Fundamental Foundation of Anix Systems to be a bridge among Institution – Student – Industry by Career Accelerator program of Anix Systems.

Anix Systems U.S.P
  • Industry Professionals
  • Anix System’s expertise in Campus Recruitments
  • Assessment & Coaching by HR Experts
  • Quality Orientation
  • Uniqueness & Ethical