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With a successful experience of more than 10 years in skill development, Anix has become a synonym of quality and commitment for its valuable clients, youth, and partners. Anix is now working hand in hand with government, universities and all kind of educational institutions to train the youth of India.

India is becoming world educational leader but the employment rate in India is still considerably low and the reason is lack of skills. In order to overcome this problem, at Anix we focus on “Right fit” approach not the “Best fit” and our training programmes empower the students with right skill for the job. Anix has successfully placed lakhs of students from different colleges and courses so far and continues the journey.

Anix has also taken up the vision of Indian Government to train millions of Indian youth under various state and center government programmes. We are aggressively promoting skill development in rural India and working as a catalyst for government schemes.

Getting the youth skilled does not only get them employed but helps them to increase their living standard as well. People who are facing problems like starvation and health issues and not able to help themselves with the basic need of life due to lack of money and education are benefitted the most with such skill development programmes. India has a large industry sector that is unorganized and in this sector, there is a huge gap between the required manpower and skilled labor. Anix is dedicated to fill this gap with its training programmes and help the youth to use its energy in a constructive way.