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Anix System provides top-notch HR outsourcing services to over 500 clients, ensuring streamlined and efficient HR management tailored to meet diverse business needs.

● Managed HR Solutions
Anix System provides flexible HR services for 500+ clients. We manage administrative tasks such as leave management and letters and offer strategic HR support as needed. Our hybrid model combines onsite HR partners with advanced technology and offsite support.

● Outsourced Payroll Services
We manage payroll for over 3,500 employees in the UAE and GCC, ensuring compliance with the highest data security standards, including ISO 27001, ISR Dubai, and GDPR.

● Outsourced PRO Services
Our expert team of PROs assists businesses across the Mainland and free zones in the UAE, simplifying government processes and providing technology to track service requests effortlessly.

● Employee Surveys
We offer powerful employee surveys with advanced technology and scientific questionnaires, allowing you to monitor participation, view live feedback trends, and gain valuable insights into employee well-being and company perception.